About Me

Welcome to cutsinfo.com, where I’ll try to compile my various musings about the emerging cricket world, and beyond.

Cutsinfo? Well, the domain name was bought for me by a good friend after another swathe of updates from me on a Cricket World Cup Qualifier match in March 2018; “you may as well just have your own website”. Well, here it is!

After fifteen years in the (marine) insurance industry, I was appointed at Cricket Hong Kong’s first ever CEO. During my time in the role, I authored the sport’s long term strategic plan and drove its re-brand to inspire a passion in Hong Kong – and bring our vibrant, diverse community closer together.

Alongside Max Abbott & Charlie Burke, in 2016 I created the Hong Kong T20 Blitz. This franchise tournament was beamed to ~175 million homes in 2018, its third edition.

Beyond the glitz of global events and franchised T20 leagues, I am very passionate about the positive impact that sport, especially team sports – i.e. cricket, can make on the community through the qualities and skills it can impart.

I talk on all things cricket, from the strategy, funding and development models around the emerging cricket world, to franchise leagues and other commercial initiatives.

To add to my recent role at CHK, I am also a player, a qualified umpire (from the age of 15!), coach, volunteer, and now consultant across various elements of our great sport.

Over time I will backfill my various interviews, blogs, podcasts etc. In the meantime they are still available across their various platforms, but this will bring them all into one place.